Technical services

Training at the construction site
ICF_REXwall_17-01Basic  training.

At the beginning of the construction process, the ICF REXwall specialists illustrate directly at the construction site the various installation phases, and list all the requirements for a perfect installation. A part of the training will be devoted to solve potential errors or problems that may occur at the construction site.



Assistance at the construction site
ICF_REXwall_17-02Assistance is provided by ICF REXwall professionals or by companies that have already used the system. In fact, Rexpolgroup releases a certificate to the companies skilled in using the system, to attest the building know-how.


Technical manual
ICF_REXwall_17-03The technical installation manual.

The manual illustrates some specifics that guarantee, in normal usage conditions, the correct structural behavior of the walls built with ICF REXwall system. You can download it (PDF format) in the download area of . You can also obtain the printed version after filling the request form in the contact area.



The expert online
ICF_REXwall_17-04ICF Italy experts are available at any time for giving you assistance by telephone or by Skype during the design and installation phases.