System Features

ICF REXwall System Features 

ICF_REXwall_05-01ICF REXwall technology is the result of a considerable study made by the Rexpolgroup designers that led to the development of various products, then patented, each one with its specific characteristics. This has been achieved after detailed studies and significant tests, run not only in laboratory. In fact we have often created experimental modules to test the different structural and architectural features, as well as the performances of each product. In this way the intrinsic qualities of the product automatically become advantages for the manufacturer, in terms of time saved, and for the end-user, in terms of well-being and energy  saved.


The Jolly Pannel is a universal basic module that, thanks to its versatility, can satisfy all the different needs and requests without using “special” elements. The basic element of the system is also bidirectional and reversible: each piece can be installed everywhere, making only small adjustments directly at the construction site.

No waste
The material of which the panels are made can be cut easily, intuitively and with absolute accuracy; the scraps are minimized and all the waste can be recovered and used in the last rows of panels where the thrust of the concrete is much less.

Using the ICF REXwall system it’s possible (differently from the traditional building methods) to save money during the phase of the so-called “insulated structural raw” of the building. In fact the load bearing walls, the infill walls and the insulation layers are all realized in a single phase, thus reducing costs and saving time. In addition, the particular structure of the walls makes possible to directly insert the plants into the internal EPS layer.

The finishing of the walls obtained with the ICF REXwall system can be customized, according to the needs of each specific project: plasterboard panels, traditional plaster, stone/marble elements fastened to the multi-section track, etc…