Installation phases

Installation manual
ICF_REXwall_09-01This manual shows some specifics that guarantee, in conditions of normal use, the correct structural behavior of the walls built with the ICF REXwall system.
Here is described the structure of the ICF REXwall panels and are illustrated the main structural features that normally can be found in buildings: connections with foundations and floors, intersections between walls and at the openings, etc.., and the procedures to install the formworks, to cast the concrete and to apply the finishing coat.
From an executive point of view, it must be pointed out that the panels are supplied as modular elements that, in order to guarantee the correct “box-like” behavior of the system, have to be supplemented with additional reinforcement.The size of these reinforcements always depend on the spans and on the amount of mechanical stress affecting the building, therefore it is only a structural designer’s prerogative to define the appropriate size.Always considering the structural details here explained, the practical use of the ICF REXwall panels can be optimized of your choosing, although we suggest, thanks to the experience gained over the years, to follow our basic instructions in order to obtain a successful work.The images in the manual show only some specific operations; because of the limits of this short report it is not possible to provide a complete representation of all the execution stages.
Rexpolgroup provides an efficient technical assistance, during both the designing phase and the executive one: our team of engineers and architects is able to assist the external specialists in designing the structures, calculating the correct wall thickness and amount of reinforcement according to the specific needs. Similarly, our skilled workers are able to provide assistance to the companies that use the system for the first time.
The installation steps
ICF_REXwall_10-02The following specifications show the operations to be followed step by step for the proper installation of the ICF REXwall system. We specify that to guarantee the correct functioning of the system it’s important to thoroughly follow the installation instructions listed below. It would be a good practice to follow a specific training at the construction site along with authorized expert approved by Rexpolgroup. They could help you to better understand any potential difficulty and promptly intervene in case of problems, without causing delays in the completion of the construction site. Along with the specifications that can be found in the following pages, it’s possible to refer to the technical data sheets in the section: “technical details of the construction sites”.