Global System


ICF_REXwall_01-01It is the innovative system that guarantees the creation of anti-seismic energy-saving buildings providing an optimal acoustic insulation. The main elements of the ICF REXwall system are: the multi-section track, the spacer and the Jolly Pannel.
The multi-section track, embedded in the insulating material, allows the accommodation of each spacer in three different positions in order to guarantee the construction of various types of concrete load-bearing walls. To reduce the transport costs and to facilitate some procedures at the construction site, it is possible to choose between three different types: “assembled formwork”, “assembled wall” or “system to be assembled at the construction site”. The special shape of the spacer guarantees the correct accommodation of the horizontal reinforcing bars, that can be also thickened, if needed. The Jolly Pannel is made of thermal insulation layers of various thicknesses to create energy-saving buildings. The innovative shape of the superficial joints prevents the leakage of concrete during the casting process. The external surface has a “ruler effect” consisting in a series of vertical and horizontal grooves that facilitate the installation.


ICF_REXwall_01-02It is the evolution of the standard thermal insulation panel-system as it combines the excellent thermal insulating properties of Expanded Sintered Polystyrene with exceptional fire-retardant properties, guaranteed also by the combination of the concrete with a zinc-coated plate. The ease with which the plasterboard coating can be fastened on the plate itself, as well as the possibility of using a model that simplifies the application of the traditional plaster layer, makes the ICF ThermoREX system suitable for all types of building. Regardless of the adopted model, there are no size limits and there is a timbering of about 2 meters. The optimal insulation performances and the elimination of any thermal bridge must be attributed also to the particular type of insulating material used, that is the EPS 80. It’s an eco-friendly material, obtained by recycling the Polystyrene used in the traditional production. The Italian Institute of Plastic Materials has certified its great insulating properties λ (W/mK). Finally, the lightness of the monolithic elements allows the maximum ease of movement at the construction site, while the presence of rigid non-deformable joints reduces the risk of construction site accidents.