External finishes
ICF_REXwall_08-01The ICF REXwall panels can be externally finished in different ways. The first operation to be performed, however, is to free (using a trowel) the surface of the EPS panel from a possible layer of oxidized material (it looks like a yellow powder) due to the exposure of EPS to sunlight. The special “honeycomb” pattern guarantees the perfect adhesion to the polystyrene of the plaster layer or any other finish, such as “fake bricks” or stones, previously treated with a primer. The special grooves on the panel surface have the function of improving the adhesion of the glue. We recommend using multiple adhesive layers in order to cover completely these grooves and the whole “honeycomb” structure. The special multi-section tracks are provided with a flat part embedded in the polystyrene, and this guarantees the possibility to fix of any type of support for the application of stones/ marble of various kind. In the case of particularly heavy applications it is recommended to add some extra struts directly on the concrete.
Internal finishes
ICF_REXwall_08-02The ICF REXwall panels are suitable to be finished in various ways.Usually we recommend the application of plasterboard sheets adherent to the panels. The special multi-section tracks are provided with a flat part embedded in the polystyrene, that guarantees the possibility of fastening screws specific for plasterboard. These tracks can be easily found in the shape of the panel, placed at about 2 cm of depth. The easy application of the panels makes the manufacturing cost equal to the costs  of a standard coat of plaster.Thanks to the special “honeycomb” structure on the external panel surface, it’s possible to apply standard premixed gypsum-lime plasters or plaster specific for exterior finishing, after a simple primer. It is also possible to apply on polystyrene any other type of finish, such as ceramic tiles, “fake bricks” or stones, glued with a special solvent-free adhesive.