Energy Saving

The ICF REXwall system integrates the mechanical resistance of concrete with the thermal insulation properties of EPS, to protect your home in both winter and summer. It helps you to dramatically reduce energy costs and to improve the energy efficiency class of your building, so increasing its market value and its level of comfort.

In addition, it allows you to take advantage of tax credits!


It is usually an investment that can be extinguished in 4-6 years. The Expanded Polystyrene offers multiple advantages in terms of environmental and energetic impact. This aspect is essential, considering the entire life cycle of this material: from the raw material extraction to the production, transportation, usage and recycling (or final disposal), EPS is definitely eco-friendly. First of all, replacing the traditional materials with EPS, means reducing the territory exploitation and the resulting deprivation of non-renewable resources such as clay or aggregates. It also means lowering energy consumption and pollution. In fact, to produce 1 m3 of hollow bricks (pots) for floor-slabs, are required 196,000 kcal.

With ICF REXwall you can obtain energy-efficient buildings!