Benefits of the system

Why choosing this system

ICF_REXwall_04-01The problems that increasingly often appear during the construction process, are due to the precarious balance between costs and benefits. In the last years the correlation between certain factors is significantly changed:

  • the environment and the quality of life have become increasingly important topics.
  • the new regulations in the energy conservation field that came into force with the implementation of Law 10, stress the importance on the level of building insulation, as well as on the quality of the products used for the insulation itself; 
  • There are specific responsibilities for those who violates the regulations, whether designers or workers;.
  • manpower cost is higher and higher and it is increasingly difficult to create a professionally trained staff;
  • the management costs of the construction sites are constantly growing and to maintain the equipment is becoming increasingly demanding (think about the handling costs and the amortization of the traditional formworks).

ICF REXwall has the solution for all this issues and can give you all the answers.

Advantages of the system

  • Constant and drastic reduction of energy costs.ICF_REXwall_04-02
  • Improved efficiency of the building process, reducing time and costs.
  • The monolithic structure guarantees great resistance even in extreme conditions, such as during earthquakes.
  • The monolithic load-bearing ICF REXwall walls built with a continuous structure, have the best possible behavior  also thanks to  the lightness of the elements composing the system.
  • Integrating in the system many EPS elements for the constructions of floor slabs and ceilings, makes the buildings innovative from every point of view.
  • The possibility to create various types of masonry with different structural thicknesses and different thicknesses of internal and external insulating layers, provides the most complete range of use in any type of structure.
  • The concrete inside the EPS elements, provides the best possible performance during all its life.
  • The system is defined eco-friendly accordingly to the most important global regulations, such as LEED. It guarantees the reduction of the amount of materials used at the construction site, the reuse of materials, the observance of high quality standards and the concrete effort to be as green as possible.
  • Fireproofing is guaranteed by the continuity of the concrete structure and the by the fact that the EPS used is self extinguishing and flame retardant.
  • The perfect sizing of the two insulating layers allows to obtain a structure free from any internal and external condensation.
  • The thermal performances of the system remain steady during the whole life of the building.
  • Full compliance even with the more restrictive acoustic regulations. This is possible thanks to the combined use of insulating material and concrete.
  • ICF REXwall is one of the best systems that reduces to zero the air permeability of the external walls thanks to the EPS optimal thermal insulating properties. Airtight walls are the new frontier of passive buildings, and require the use of controlled mechanical ventilation systems.
  • the ICF REXwall is the first lightweight system that eliminates all thermal bridges: vertical, horizontal as well as those located at the structural junctions and at the points of insertion of the transparent elements (doors, windows, skylights).
  • The ICF REXwall system represents the connection between the EPS lightweight elements and the heavy concrete. The system then shows thermal lag and attenuation values that guarantee many  benefits during both winter and summer.
  • Simple construction site setting up: the building has to be raised on appropriate but easy-to-build foundations.
  • The realization of all installations is very easy, as the tools used to dig EPS materials are basic. Any potential change given by the user’s needs can be adopted also in a later time without problems.
  • The maintenance is easy, also in case of possible external or internal damage after several years of usage.
  • For the external finishes can be adopted both plaster or a continuous coating. The internal finishes have to adapt to the real conditions of use and, in the majority of cases , the best solution is to install fibrate gypsum slabs .